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Our Eye Care Clinic

As you may know, our Elite Eye Care Location is the same location where Pearle Vision existed beforehand. Dr. Snider started as an independent doctor at Pearle Vision subleasing her office and providing only eye examination services while Pearle Vision provided the Optical services.

Dr. Snider’s goal has always been opening up her own private practice so when Pearle Vision announced that their Vancouver doors were closing, it was time to pursue the life long dream and open the practice that Dr. Snider had always envisioned. She finally was able to have it remodeled and designed to suit her vision in October of 2013.

Dr. Snider has created a great patient base that she enjoys serving since 2007. She is extremely happy to continue serving her existing patients without changing her location and is looking forward to serving new patients to come. Schedule an appointment today. We provide all Optometric Services from Comprehensive Eye Examinations to Optical services such as selling glasses and contact lenses.